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About usThe Facility FunctionsDifference

For over 30 years, Facility Functions, Inc. has been providing customized material handling solutions to many of America’s most successful companies. From small start-ups to some of America’s most iconic brands, Facility Functions, Inc. has designed, installed, and serviced material handling systems that have measurably improved both client operational efficiency and safety.

Facility Functions is unique among material handling companies:

  • Our approach is to sell solutions, not just products
  • We are agile enough to provide customized client-centered service, yet big enough to tap into an extensive network of suppliers and consultants that yield results.
  • We manufacture our system components, providing advantages in both pricing and delivery schedule. 


At Facility Functions, we begin every project with a customized design that results from direct and rigorous interaction with client engineering and executive teams to ensure the most practical, efficient, and economical design. Only then do we select the proper component mix to achieve a smart and easy to use system that is fully integrated into the facility’s overall operational scheme.  Unlike other companies that may try to design a system around a limited line of components they are contractually obliged to sell, Facility Functions, Inc. is free to select from a wide range of options including our customized, self-manufactured components.  We have prototyping and production facilities in both Clyman, Wisconsin and Fox Lake, Wisconsin, and are capable of producing both standard and customized components in large volume.