Engineering And System Design

Rigorous Planning.Thoughtful Execution.

Since 1988, Facility Functions has served clients from small start-ups to some of America’s most iconic brands. No matter the size of the project, we provide personalized service where our experienced design team has an in depth interaction with client engineering teams to ensure an optimized system design. Whether that be designing a new conveyor system, reworking a current one, or replacing failing sections, our engineering team will find your solution. 

The control card system for MDR is modular and simple to use. Our standard product uses Pulse’s AI2 or ERSC control cards, however we offer a range options. This plug and play system for MDR conveyor greatly reduces field commission and eliminates the need for expensive wiring and programming. Our control personnel can prewire and ship your completed product to you or use a networked solution that will support you in controlling and regulating up to four conveyors zones per module over a selected protocol.

Our designs take many factors into account, but it starts with the clients functional need. Followed by the the manufacturing, assembly, and maintenance of the conveyor or mechanism; the result is a smart, simple, and safe material handling system. Facility Functions provides fully-integrated, customized material handling solutions for manufacturing and distribution applications.