Series 400 – CDLR Conveyor

Series 400Chain DrivenLive Conveyor

All units ship complete with communication and power bus wiring factory installed and tested to allow for the fastest installation possible. The factory installation and pre-testing help eliminate any potential problems in the field. All in all, a faster, problem free, money saving and more efficient installation from start to finish!

Standard Specifications&Optional Equipment

Standard Specifications

Bed – Conveying surface width 28″, 34″, 40″, 46″, 52″, 58″, and 64″. 21/2″ diameter x 11 gauge and 25/8″ x 7 gauge steel tread rollers, 11/16″ hex shafts. No. 50 chain is used on 5″, 71/2″, 10″ roller centers only. No. 60 chain is used on 6″, 71/2″, and 12″ centers only. Tread rollers mounted in 4″ and 6″ x 4 gauge formed steel channel frame. Sections are bolted together with butt couplings and floor supports. 

Drive Chain – No. 50 roller chain or No. 60 roller chain can be used with either the 251 CRR or 267CRR as above. 

Floor Supports – Heavy duty supports are adjustable 301/4″ to 40″ from floor to top of roller. One support at every bed joint and each end of conveyor. 

Center Drive – Mounted underneath conveyor, center of section. Can be placed most any where in conveyor length. 

Bearings – Removable, sealed, prelubricated ball bearings. 

Chain Guard – Lower chain guard is mounted on bottom of roller frame, and upper chain guard is mounted above roller frame to totally enclose drive chain. 

Speed Reducer – C-Face mounted heavy duty worm gear reducer. 

Motor – 3/4 HP 230/460-3-60 TE motor. 

Speed – 30 FPM. 

Capacity – Maximum load per linear foot of conveyor; 300 Ibs. with supports on 10′ centers, 1000 Ibs. with supports on 5’0″ centers.

Optional Equipment

Floor Supports – Lower or higher supports are available. Minimum elevation, 18″ from floor to top of rollers. 

Side Mounted Drive – Motor-reducer unit can be mounted to side of conveyor frame. Drive is higher than conveyor frame. Minimum elevation to top of rollers is 7″. 
Roller Set Low – 1 ” x 11/2″ x 7 gauge formed angle guard rail, bolted to top of non-driven side rail to provide 3/4″ high guard rail. 

Motor – Single phase, energy efficient, explosion proof, etc. Other HP available. 

Roller Speed – Constant and variable speeds available. 

Electrical Controls – Magnetic starters and push button stations. Manual motor starters with overload protection, others.