Series 300 – Lineshaft Conveyor

Series 300LineshaftConveyor

All units ship complete with communication and power bus wiring factory installed and tested to allow for the fastest installation possible. The factory installation and pre-testing help eliminate any potential problems in the field. All in all, a faster, problem free, money saving and more efficient installation from start to finish!

Standard Specifications&Optional Equipment

Standard Specifications

Driving Belts – 3/16″ diameter round urethane “O” rings from drive shaft to tread rollers.

Bed – 7″ x 11/2″ x 12 gauge painted steel channel frame with heavy duty cross braces and splice plates.

Rollers – 1.9″ diameter x 16 gauge galvanized steel tread rollers with 7/16″ hex shaft and sealed, greased for life bearings, spaced on 3″ centers.

Floor Supports – Adjustable 311/2″ to 451/2″ from floor to top of tread roller. One support supplied at each end of conveyor and at each bed joint.

Drive – 2 foot module with motor and reducer. Drive module will be bolted to intermediate section.

Drive Shaft – 1″ diameter steel shaft, driven by motor and reducer, runs full length of conveyor. Chain coupling supplied at bed joints to couple sections together.

Drive Spools – Delrin spools located on drive shaft supplies driving power to tread rollers.

Drive Shaft Bearings – Sealed, prelubricated, self aligning, precision ball bearings on drive shaft.

Speed Reducer – Integral gear motor drive mounted underneath conveyor with #50 roller chain connected to drive shaft.

Motor – 1/2 HP 230/460/3-60 TE motor.

Drive Guard – Expanded metal guard full length of conveyor covers drive shaft and other moving drive components.

Conveying Speed – 60 FPM constant.

Capacity – 15 lbs. per tread roller maximum. Not to exceed Load Capacity Chart.

Optional Equipment

Conveying Speed – Constant and variable speeds from 30 to 120 FPM available. 

Timing Belt Drive – For speeds over 90 FPM a timing belt drive in lieu of #50 chain drive is recommended. 

Roller Centers – Tread rollers can be placed on 4″, 6″, or 8″ centers. NOTE: Capacities change as roller centers change. See engineering section of price list for capacity changes. 

Floor Supports – Lower or higher supports available. Minimum elevation with standard drive mounting is 18″ from floor to top of rollers. 

Powered Right Angle Belt Transfer – Air operated pop-up round belt transfer mounted in 32″ long modular section, 75 lbs. maximum unit load. 

Package Stops – Manual or air operated blade or roller stops available. 

Guard Rails – Adjustable channel or solid fixed guard rails available. 

Motor – Single phase, energy efficient, explosion proof, etc. Other HP available. 

Ceiling Hangers – 1/2″ diameter threaded rods 8 feet long with locking nuts and mounting hardware. 

Jump Chain – One-to-one chain drive moves drive shaft  to opposite side for driving various optional accessories.