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 Motorized Driver Roller

Facility Functions was formed in 1987 and has grown to be a market leader in automated material handling technologies. We have successfully applied changes and upgrades to conveyor systems involving combinations of; reworking existing, replacement of, or retrofitting with Motorized Driven Roller Conveyor. We are impressed with this product and have had the time to provide it's usefulness. It is intelligently designed, simple to maintain, safe, runs only when needed, and is very quiet.


A product; smart, simple, and safe. What a great concept!


Competitively speaking, when looking at all cost savings, MDR systems across the conveyor field are more economical. With MDR's simplistic design it can be mechanically installed, tested, and ran in half the amount of time of a conventional chain and sprocket system.

For those conventional sites needing repair, the retro kits can be applied without any downtime or interferences. Removing the troublesome conventional drive components that continue to fail can either be left attached or removed at a later date. We have the expert staff available to support you with an analysis of your needs. Let our facility staff of engineers, controls personnel, and installers show you the transitional benefits of a product that is smart, simple, and safe.

  • Accumulating on inclines, declines, and curves

  • High speed divert / merge availability

  • Adapting to conventional equipment

  • Less cost to replace existing equipment to MDR

  • Longer life "O" bands

  • Low to no maintenance for 10 years

  • Lower cost standardized spare parts

  • Maintenance repairs take minutes not hours

  • No proprietary parts

  • Modular construction for retro fits and ease of installation

  • Positive traction ribber belts for transfers

  • Conveyor management for motor life, jam, error detection

  • Safety, no chains, sprockets, motors or emergency pull cords

  • Side covers for appearance and cleanliness

  • Low voltage control 24VDC brushless drives

  • Accel & Decel controls

  • Reduction of high voltage components

  • Complete carter control and positioning

  • Zoned slug discharge

  • 50% - 75% energy savings

  • 20% - 30% less db noise

  • Available PC diagnostics

  • Protection for overload and over heating

  • True zero pressure conveyor

  • Smart zone recognition

  • Speed controlled and reversible

  • 50% - 75% less mechanical components

  • 2 year warranty

MDR Advantages Include...

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