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Series 200 - Motorized Driven Roller CDLR

  • Run-On-Demand: The motors only run when a product is present

  • Safe / Quiet / Zero Maintenance

  • Powered by 24 volt DC drive rollers, big power savings

  • Available in standard, high torque or brake motors

  • Zero Pressure / Low Profile / Maximum Versatility

  • Simple one wire accumulation to full PLC or Device Net

  • Huge advantages over conventional drives

  • Field retro-fit conveyor lines to this cutting edge technology

  • Saves power, money, floor space, and time (Faster ROI)

All units ship complete with communication and power bus wiring factory installed and tested to allow for the fastest installation possible. The factory installation and pre-testing help eliminate any potential problems in the field. All in all, a faster, problem free, money saving and more efficient installation from start to finish!


Simple modular design allows for easy system re-configuration or additions in the field. Simple wiring and zone controls make MDR a great choice when space is a premium.

Low profile units allow for multi-level or tiered lines at an ergonomic working height. This saves your valuable floor space and can dramatically increase your overall throughput.

Full range of accessory components including transfers, tapered curves, spurs, merges and wheel diverters.

Completely low voltage components requiring less electrical drops and equipment.

Sleek clean frame design with side frame covers to protect the control components within the side frame.

Can be controlled with one simple zone cable or by the most complex computer controlled systems, depending on your needs. (Accumulating and Slug release)

Accumulating SPIRALS are available to get your product to other levels using the least floor space possible.

Belted zone inclines and declines for full zone accumulation where standard belt units cannot accumulate. This increases your overall rates.


No major pinch points as compared to conventional drives with sprockets and chains. No special guarding needed to protect workforce from harm. Lower torque requirement reduces risk.

Quiet - sealed motor means low noise and with zones only running when product is present, the overall noise level in your facility is reduced. Under 70db beating OSHA slow response "A" scale.

Clean operation to help keep your plant safer and present a nicer work area for your team. (Lifetime Lubrication)

All low voltage components eliminating the hazards associated with high voltage components. (No special conduit)

Main power supply has 110 volts AC input. (Standard household current) No major power drops needed.

Rollers have enough torque to move products well over a hundred pounds yet the roller can be stopped with your hand, without any damage to the roller itself.

MDR uses 24 volt DC power when operating compared to 3 phase power for most conventional drives.

Zones are driven from urethane o-belts roller to roller. No air requirements for zone accumulation. One low voltage power source for all components and throughput.


Saves energy by the zone turning on only when a product is present and shutting off seconds later if no other product is accumulating. Up to 75% savings to offset rising energy costs.

Compare energy usage with MDR to conventional drives that power on at the start of your shifts and run continuously through all shifts whether a product is present or not.

Rollers can be replaced in minutes saving valuable down time. All other components are simple plug and play.

Lower power consumption and less overall run time equal tremendous savings to you.

No maintenance requirements. Motor is sealed in the roller. No motors, reducers, chains, and sprockets to keep maintained.

Less spare parts in your inventory. The same roller is used for all the zones and curves. Lower inventory amounts equal great savings.

Faster Installation - can install as fast as gravity roller conveyors with the addition of one zone control wire.

MDR warranties can be as high as 20,000 hours in run time, depending on model and environment. Less downtime for greater profits.

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